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Facebook advertisement

While preparing advertising budget for the internet, you need to take into account the most recognizable social networking service which is Facebook. Almost everyone has a profile on that website, the vast majority visits it few times a day.

Contests are very effective and recommended way of reaching specified goal. Fun together with ability of winning even a small prize often gives effect that we can’t even imagine. We help with creation of company profiles and running it with text and graphic content. Properly run profiles which are encouraging, tempting and sometimes even seducing with promotions, contests and services that you look for. Profiles are generating expected traffic on company’s website, but a main condition to properly run profile is an idea, joke, a bit of unconcern, and a little bit of media message communication to a proper target group. Our advertising agency Wirtualny Marketing knows the communication strategy and has a big experience and practical knowledge acquired in various fields of study: social communication, management and marketing, or internet marketing. We act on emotions which brings the desired results and goals.

Facebook campaigns can be different because of a goal we want to achieve.

Example goals of campaign:
  • Activity about post on website, promotion of post
  • Fanpage likes, increase of its amount, extension of target group and creation of brand
  • Clicks that bring you to the website, increasing the traffic on website
  • Conversations in website, increase in sales
  • Responses to invitations for events
Facebook campaigns are much more effective than other forms of advertising with one simple thing – the fee for the effect, which is click, similarly as sponsored links.
You will pay only when the person you define sees your company’s offer.
The cost of Facebook campaign depends mainly on the goals we want to achieve. During a short free interview we will try to define and present a plan of our campaign that you will be satisfied with.

Benefits that Facebook advertisement gives
  • Definite improvement of positioning results of your company website
  • Increased real-time interaction with your clients
  • Establishing B2B and B2C relations more loosely and without unnecessary formalities
  • Easy and pleasant brand communication with customer
  • Increasing brand recognition and building lasting relationships by affecting emotions
  • Creating the image of your brand as modern, going with time, flexible, accessible and open to the consumer
  • Acquiring new customers and expanding the area of operations which positively affects sales.