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Social Media

Social media are one of the most effective methods of obtaining traffic on the website and publishing information with snowball effect. Traffic analytics is a great source of knowledge about used websites , the more referrals from a given source (for example Facebook or Instagram) the more popularity among customers.

Your present and future clients are customers who everyday make decisions about which product to buy guided by social media content. Recent studies available in the internet show strong growth in the use of mobile devices and social media. Such an increase of popularity of social media and various types of advertising activities, presenting brand and products cause change of opinion about them at around 40% of users, who wanted to make a purchase. Most of them changed shopping preferences for a different brand, and a little bit under a half of them make the decision based on opinions posted in the internet.

Today social media allows you to reach unlimited number of clients for each brand, regardless of the size of the company and its brand recognition.