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Public Relations

Public relations allows to fully communicate reliable information about company, product, person, initiative, event. It’s a source of transmission that builds customer trust. In reality of nowadays market full of competition, it’s not enough to simply be good, it’s also not enough to propose a high quality of service or reliable products. Modern business is based on the image. It needs to stand out and public relations tools such as CSR (corporate social responsibility) and sponsorship support it.

A well run PR educates customers about the benefits of products and strengthens the need to purchase them. With wide range of modern communication tools, PR also allows to build consumer community around the brand or product. Close and engaging communication aimed at them builds long-term bond with brand and strengthens its positive image. Activities in the field of PR based on interesting, creative ideas, referring to new trends, breaking stereotypes related to a given product, service or using the image of ambassador, can build product fashion and effectively encourage potential clients to interact with the brand.
Together with us you will reach the point in which your brand will be more visible, recognizable, positively perceived, and you will achieve your dream sales effect.

Have you reached that point yet? Great, then make another important step for your company and use the services of advertising agency Wirtualny Marketing in the field of Public relations (creation of image, social communication):

  • Developing a strategy for image-building activities (PR strategy) taking into account goal and mission of client, target group, satellite and opinion forming groups

  • Formulation of activities using optimal PR tools:
    • Suggestions, scenarios of image campaigns (brands, products, people) also internet and social media campaigns.
    • Copywriting: editing of texts for specialist and general press, writing company blogs.
    • Planning and organization of events: parties, thematic and press conferences
    • Use of sponsoring and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in proper image communication (brand, product, person).
    • Coordination and organization of cooperation with the media.

  • PR consulting in the area of shaping the brand, product, person image.
    • In many cases reaching the goal doesn’t require complicated campaigns and expensive activities of external entities.
      Using simple solutions customer can do a lot in this area on their own – client needs only proper direction and order of actions.
      Awareness of the importance of particular channels of social marketing and business communication, taking into account their consistency in different dimensions.

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PR Specialist
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